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Max and Lynn Blouw Graduate Student Scholarship
To honour Dr. Max Blouw's achievements as President of Wilfrid Laurier University from 2007 through 2017. The goal of this scholarship is to recognize a graduate student (masters or doctoral) who has demonstrated exceptional academic achievement while also demonstrating a high level of community leadership and environmental consciousness.

Eligible candidates for this scholarship are full-time students at the university enrolled in year one of a masters or doctoral program. Candidates must demonstrate exceptional academic achievement .

Candidates must also demonstrate a high level of commitment to, and leadership in, volunteer work undertaken at university or in the wider community.

Finally, candidates must demonstrate substantial sensitivity to environmental concerns through active participation in paid or voluntary activities related to the environment or through the focus of previous or current academic work.

The selection committee will strive to ensure that the individuals honoured in any given or succeeding years represent diversity of disciplines from across the university. Successful candidates may be eligible for renewal in consecutive years, up to the normal duration of their program, if they continue to meet award criteria and are deemed the most eligible candidate.
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